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  • Kula Membership - $70/month
  • Kula Membership Disount (Students & ACSD1 Employees) - $56/month

Do you have a consistent practice? Do you WANT to have a consistent practice? We are now offering EVEN MORE reasons for you to get on your mat more often! When you sign up for the Kula Membership you pay one monthly price for unlimited classes. In terms of investment, for anyone practicing 2-3 times per week this is certainly the best deal. Still uncertain? Now we are offering numerous other benefits that make this choice a no brainer. Now when you sign up for the Kula Membership you can practice as often as you want and receive these perks as well:

Kula Member Benefits

  • Special Events for members only. These will include workshops, kirtans, special posture breakdown workshops, community meetings, and dance parties.
  • 1 guest pass each month to to invite that friend or family member you've been trying to convince to start a yoga practice.
  • 10% off Blossom Yoga merchandise.

Kula is a Sankrit word that is used to refer to community. It is most often translated as “a community of the heart” or “an intentional community”. But the meaning of the word goes beyond community; it celebrates the diversity of those who choose to come together in relationship, and affirms our interconnectedness. In fact, much like an ecosystem, diversity is the strength of the Kula - each individual supports the whole, and is also supported by the whole in return.

It is our intention at Blossom Yoga to create a space that - no matter who you are, where you come from, what you are dealing with, or your level of experience with yoga - you feel like you belong to the tribe... to the family... to the Kula. We hope that our yoga community can support you through life's challenges and endeavors, and that within the context of the community, you find connection to your greatness - your source. Your presence here matters. You bring with you valuable perspectives, insights, and energy which add to the strength of the community, and in its ripple effect, to the betterment of the world.

We are honored to have you as a part of the Kula!

Purchase a Kula Membership