Noon Flow

Level: All, Beginner

All yogis welcome. Take a break mid-day to reconnect with Self. You should feel comfortable in these classes whether you are a beginner or have practiced yoga for many years. Variations and modifications will be offered so you may adjust poses based on your experience, your intention for the class, or just how your body is feeling.


Level: Beginner

Great for beginners or anyone who wants to revisit the foundation of each pose. These classes will offer detailed instructions on principles for healthy alignment with simple exercises and movement. Not only will you learn to work with your body with precision and insight, each class is intentionally designed to nourish your soul by including themes, philosophy, prayers, and other ways to connect mind body.


Level: Intermediate, All

Hatha is a branch of yoga which concentrates on physical health and mental well-being. In this style we focus on alignment while using bodily postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana) to work toward a healthy body and a peaceful mind. Poses may be held a little longer to focus on proper alignment.


Level Intermediate, All

A liberating and flowing series of classic Yoga poses, linked one to another by connective movements and breath control. Special emphasis is on Ujjayi Pranayama, an ancient and powerful breathing technique, and on the muscular contractions Uddiyana Bandha (strengthening and cleansing the entire abdomen) and Mulabandha (strengthening and toning the pelvic floor). This practice is a self-care system designed to rejuvenate, strengthen and cleanse the entire body. The lineage of Ashtanga yoga reaches back thousands of years to the Sanskrit yoga sutras of Patanjala.

Flow & Renew

Level: All

Go ahead. Take your time. This 90 minute class is designed to help you unravel from the perpetual fast pace of life. Open to all yogis, no matter your experience. Flow mindfully through each breath and pose, releasing stress and tension. Then, settle in for some focused relaxation in an extended savasana pose at the end of each class. It’s the perfect antidote for your busy week.


Level: All

Great for beginners! This gentle practice targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Passive postures are held for 3-5 minutes so that the muscles can release and connective tissues and joints can open. Deep breathing and relaxation are emphasized. This type of practice complements other active styles of yoga and creates new depth in postures, deeper range of motion, and increased circulation.


Level: All, Beginner

Relax deeply to release tension and fatigue. This practice complements an active practice or lifestyle, as well as a busy mind. The class will use Restorative Yoga to promote nourishment and balance for chronically stressed or stimulated minds. Through passive and supported postures, this style of Yoga soothes the nervous system and creates gentle opening in the body.

All Levels

Level: All, Beginner

Whether you are a longtime practitioner, new to yoga, or are ready to integrate a spiritual practice this class is for you. Variations and modifications will be offered so you may adjust poses based on your experience, your intention for the class, or just how your body is feeling. We encourage students to use this time to build community and use the tools offered to reconnect with your body & SOUL.

All Levels w/Assists

Level: Intermediate/All

Modifications and variations will be offered throughout this Hatha style practice.

This class was designed for the student who is responsive and open to physical touch as a means of guidance and support within their practice. Assists will sometimes be used to help align the body to ensure the full benefit of the asanas, yet predominantly assists will be used to provide alternative ways of experiencing a pose. Touch can be used to bring a softness or a deepening to a posture as well as offer a new focus or highlight a different aspect of an asana. This class will include slightly longer holds in some poses to ensure the time to give adjustments and will also include an extended Savasana. The class may also at times have two instructors who will share the responsibilities of teaching and adjusting.

Assists are optional and students will have a chance to discretely let the instructor know if they would like to receive them.

Rise & Flow

Level: All

This early morning class will wake up the body and work out any morning stiffness. A slow and strong flow will use motion to lubricate all of the body’s joints and bring activity and energy to the muscles of the body. Start your day by taking care of your body and mind and then move through the rest of your day with grace and ease!


Level: All

Take time to dive inward and connect with your deeper self. Join us to investigate techniques designed to calm your mind and open your heart. Perfect for anyone who wants to explore meditation or deepen their existing practice.


Level: All 

In this class students will learn basic Pilates floor exercises.  Starting with focus on activation of spinal stabilization musculature and positioning of the spine for efficient and safe strengthening, movements will be introduced to enhance core strengthening.  Students will gain improved self awareness of their own posture and connections between movement and balance and function.  There will also be frequent stretching throughout the workout.  Students should bring a mat to class and wear comfortable and flexible clothing.